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Redefining Online Learning with eSkilled LMS Virtual Classroom

Flexible, convenient, and interactive training and learning experiences at your fingertips.

The eSkilled learning management system’s online classroom redefines how trainers and learners connect, collaborate, and learn virtually, making education more accessible, adaptable, and dynamic than it is today.

Revolutionary Virtual Classroom Features and Benefits

Our cutting-edge online classroom platform empowers students and educators with groundbreaking features that revolutionise the online learning experience.

Video Conferencing

Provides high-quality video conferencing capabilities, allowing instructors and learners to see and hear each other in real time.

Screen Sharing

Allows instructors to share their screens, enabling them to demonstrate software, applications, or presentations to the class.


Provides a collaborative whiteboard that allows instructors and learners to draw, write, and annotate content in real time.

Breakout Rooms

Allows instructors to create breakout rooms, enabling learners to collaborate and work in small groups during virtual classroom sessions.


Allows instructors to record their virtual classroom sessions, enabling learners to review the content at their own pace.



Allows instructors to conduct real-time polls and surveys to gauge learner understanding and engagement.


Provides a text chat feature that allows instructors and learners to communicate with each other during virtual classroom sessions.

Raise Hand

Has a “raise hand” feature that allows participants to signal to the instructor that they have a question or comment.

Attendance Tracking

Allows instructors to track attendance during virtual classroom sessions, ensuring learners participate and engage in the experience.


Provides moderation capabilities, allowing instructors to control who can speak and share content during virtual classroom sessions, maintaining order and focus.


Explore the Incredible Features of eSkilled LMS

Aside from its exceptional online classroom feature, discover other extraordinary capabilities of the eSkilled LMS to propel your registered training organisation (RTO) to success.

Elevate Your Training Delivery with eSkilled's Online Classroom and LMS Software

At eSkilled LMS, we don't just offer a virtual classroom platform; we provide a superior way to teach and learn, converging innovation and accessibility to create an educational experience that transcends boundaries.
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