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LMS Course Scheduler & Attendance Management Features

Automate session tracking, save trainers’ time, and ensure accuracy with a dynamic training management platform. Say goodbye to manual monitoring and embrace efficiency with our LMS loaded with course scheduler and attendance management features.

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Get in Touch With Our Team

Dive into eSkilled LMS’ Attendance Management Features and Benefits!

Discover how eSkilled LMS’ attendance tracking feature can help streamline your business and trainer’s daily operation.

Session and Attendance Management

Streamline administration and improve communication through our learning management system’s attendance tracker and automated session.

Effortless Session Management

Create or modify sessions easily, including session details like name, date, time, location, and attendance status.

Efficient Attendance Tracking

Monitor attendance in real-time with our learning management system’s attendance tracker, where learners can sign in using their LMS credentials and trainers mark attendance.

Insightful Attendance Analytics

Generate detailed reports from our training management platform – monitor progress, identify learners falling behind, and evaluate course effectiveness.

Timely Automated Notifications

Our learning management system has an attendance tracker and lets you send personalised notifications to learners who have missed sessions or need to catch up, reminding them to complete missed sessions or assignments.

Seamless Tool Integrations

Seamlessly integrate the LMS attendance management features with other tools, like the calendar, enabling efficient schedule management and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Course Calendars and Schedules

Simplify course management and eliminate scheduling conflicts with our LMS course scheduler, empowering your organisation to handle multiple courses, trainers, and resources efficiently.

Efficient Schedule Management

Easily create and manage course schedules with dates, times, and locations while learners receive notifications of upcoming classes or events.

Streamlined Events and Reminders

Schedule and manage events like meetings, workshops, and exams, with automated reminders to ensure learners and trainers never miss important events.

Personalised Calendars

Enable learners to personalise their calendars within the training management platform by adding study sessions or deadlines, facilitating progress tracking and organisation.


Helpful Filters

Easily filter appointments, meetings, and events based on course or category, and enjoy personalised views for improved organisation.

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate the calendar feature with email, messaging, and video conferencing tools for effortless event joining directly from the training management platform.

Easy Accessibility

Accessible from anywhere, learners and trainers can view and manage schedules on any internet-connected device.

Transform Your RTO with eSkilled LMS' Course Scheduling and Attendance Tracking!

With eSkilled’s LMS course scheduler and LMS attendance management features, you can say goodbye to manual tracking and scheduling headaches and embrace a powerful tool that simplifies your training operations.

Enhance your training delivery experience today with a robust learning management system featuring attendance trackers and course schedulers!

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Empower your learners with eSkilled’s feature-rich training management platform!

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