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Experience the Power of eSkilled LMS Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven Decisions Made Easy

The eSkilled learning management system (LMS) is the ultimate solution for your LMS reporting and data analytics needs. Gain deep insights into an individual’s progress, assessment completion, and overall course performance. Empower your LMS administrators and trainers to gain valuable insights, save time, and enhance engagement.

Explore the eSkilled Difference: Game-Changing Reporting and Analytics Features for your LMS!

From powerful reporting capabilities to customisable dashboards, our online training management system has everything you need to transform how you analyse data and make informed decisions.
Discover how our innovative features can revolutionise your LMS reporting and analytics experience.

Powerful LMS Reporting through the Progress Dashboard

Automated Efficiency Unleashed

Effortless Completion Reports

Access completion reports for all training programs or select certifications or modules tailored to your requirements. Quickly retrieve the information you need to track and analyse learner progress and achievements using eSkilled’s LMS reporting and analytics tools.

Comprehensive Progress Reports

Obtain detailed progress reports for all learners, whether it’s an overall program or specific modules. These reports provide insights into learners’ progress, ensuring no one is left behind. With just a click, access learner profiles and send supportive messages to foster engagement and support their learning journey. Access our powerful progression reports, equipping you with the information needed to deliver exceptional training support.

Efficient Assessment Submission and Marking Reports

Trainers and administrators can effortlessly track all assessment submissions in our online training management system, ensuring they stay on top of marking queues and maintain efficient workflows.


Powerful Reporting Filters

Our versatile reporting system offers a wide range of filters, enabling you to access precise data whenever necessary. Easily filter by category, courses, cohorts, groups, trainers, enrolment status, completion status, and more. Save your preferred report filters for convenient and quick access to the information you need.

Streamlined Assessment Marking

Our efficient assessment marking process connects each status in the report directly to the corresponding learner’s assessment. This seamless integration makes it quick and easy for trainers to evaluate and mark submissions accurately.

Simple Export to Excel

Effortlessly export data to Excel with just a few clicks using eSkilled LMS data analytics. This allows for convenient analysis and customisation of your reports.


Customisable Dashboard

Data-driven Insights, Personalised Experience

Tailored Dashboard for Businesses

With eSkilled LMS reporting and analytics, you can create a personalised learning experience that suits your unique requirements and preferences.

Easily access your courses, stay informed about upcoming events, and manage your schedule all within a single, user-friendly interface. By having all your essential information on a custom page, you can efficiently oversee training and assessment activities, track progress, and effortlessly navigate your training programs.

Unleash your Potential with eSkilled's Game-changing LMS Reporting and Analytics!

Experience next-level reporting and LMS data analytics with eSkilled's powerful features. Say goodbye to traditional reporting woes and embrace a new era of efficiency and effectiveness.
Get started today and unlock the true potential of online learning!
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