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Get a first hand experience in navigating eSkilled’s Learning Management System through an LMS walkthrough online – the only way to truly appreciate the benefits of optimising your training. Our team of experts will give you an exclusive look into its state-of-the-art features through this tour that will definitely boost your RTO’s brand! Discover the incredible training effectiveness and efficiency that a world-class LMS can bring to your Training Organisation!

eSkilled Learning Management System

eSkilled’s Learning Management System is built on a powerful and highly compatible LMS platform, and includes many premium LMS features that will make it easy for your RTO or oganisation to setup and deliver a quality training experience to your students quickly and easily!

The eSkilled LMS Features:

  • Designed for Registered Training Organisations – we come from an RTO background and understand what Australian RTOs need
  • Built-in virtual classroom technology – easy to run interactive webinars with your students
  • Branded to your RTO – promote YOUR brand to your students, not ours!
  • Ready to use e-Learning Resources – the “e-Learning Resource” LMS packages include our e-Leanring content formatted and ready to use!
  • SCORM compatible – add your own learning resources to your eSkilled LMS
  • Rapid interactive e-Learning authoring tool – helps you quickly create interactive training activities for use on smart phones, tablets & computers!
  • Compatible with common SMS platforms– connect your eSkilled LMS to the Student Management System of your choice!
  • Onboarding training – included in your LMS subscription to help you get up and running fast
  • Backed by Amazon Webservers – hosted on powerful, stable Amazon web servers to help maximise speed and uptime
  • Get you own LMS instance – each client gets their own instance of the eSkilled LMS, allowing you greater freedom to customise your LMS
  • Extra Integrations & Addons Available– customise your LMS with extra plugins, addons, and features to deliver the experience you want

Designed for Registered Training Organisations

Your e-Learning resources are supplied in editable format so you are able to make further modifications and customisations the training materials yourself!

Built-in Virtual Classroom Technology

You have the option to invest in our e-Learning resources for a one-off license fee and add to your own or our LMS system – OR – you can get access to a huge catalogue of e-Learning resources as part of your eSkilled LMS subscription!

Branded for Your RTO or Organisation

When you license e-Learning Resources on the one-off license fee model, you will receive HTML5/SCORM compliant files that are compatible with a huge range of common LMS platforms.

Get Ready to Use eLearning Resources – or BYO!

Matching assessment files are included when you subscribe to our all-inclusive e-Learning Resource LMS platform. If you are investing in e-Learning resources on the one-off license fee model, you can add matching assessment documents to your purchase or utilise your existing assessment files with our e-Learning materials.

SCORM Compatible

eSkilled is compatible with SCORM/HTML5 compliant e-learning files – meaning you can quickly and easily import e-learning modules you have previous developed or purchased from third-party suppliers into your LMS platform.

Rapid Interactive e-Learning Activity Authoring Tool

eSkilled includes a rapid interative e-Learning activity authoring tool so you can quickly and easily create exciting learning & assessment activities for your students within the platform, no technical expertise required! Set up quizzes, multiple choice questions, short answers, picture based activities, image pairing, “hotspot” activities, interactive video, spoken responses and much, much more!

Student Management System Compatibility

eSkilled integrates with many popular SMS platforms for RTOs. In many cases this allows you to provide a seamless experience, sending enrolment data from your SMS to eSkilled and then returning results from eSkilled to your SMS. Please enquire now for more information about compatibility & integration with your favourite Student Management System!

Onboarding & Training

As part of your LMS setup, we will provide you with onboarding & training on how to use your new LMS! Get your key staff members up to speed on the system so you can begin delivering training services ASAP.

Backed by Amazon Web Services

eSkilled is hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud to maximise uptime, speed and reliability. Your data is backed up daily to provide peace of mind.

Get Your Own LMS Instance

Many Learning Management Systems on the market share one instance between all clients – simply giving you your own “fenced off” area within the system. This severely limits the integrations & addons you can use because they will affect other clients’ experience… eSkilled provides you with your own unique LMS instance, meaning you have freedom to customise the LMS to your needs with additional integrations & addons.

Extra Integrations & Addons

eSkilled is compatible with a huge number of LMS plugins and addons! Simply contact our team to discuss which addons & integrations you’d like to customise your LMS to your exact requirements, and we’ll be happy to work out a solution to your needs. Our technical team is available to install & test new apps and integrations so you can deliver the training & educational experience you desire!