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eSkilled Training Management Software

The Ultimate LMS Assessment Tool and Evaluation Suite

Effortlessly simplify assessments.

eSkilled’s training and assessment management software offers comprehensive LMS evaluation and assessment features to enhance the learning experience. Our training management software has interactive tools that make assessment creation, grading, and tracking a breeze.

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Uncover the Extraordinary Features and Benefits of Our LMS Assessment and Evaluation Tool!

Interactive Auto-Marking Quizzes

Embrace the ease of interactive auto-marking quizzes. Our training and assessment management software offers flexible quiz question formats, ensuring you have the perfect question type for any assessment.

Multiple Choice

Learners select one correct answer from a list of options.

Drag and Drop

Learners drag and drop items into the correct order or location.


Learners choose between two statements: true and false.


Learners click on a specific area of an image to answer a question.

Short Answer

Learners enter a quick text response to a question.



Learners enter a numerical answer that is automatically graded based on a formula.


Learners write a more extended text response to a question.


Learners respond to questions without right or wrong answers.


Learners match items in one list to items in another list.


Questions are randomly selected from a pool of questions, ensuring each learner receives a unique set of questions.


Learners fill in missing words or phrases in a text.

File Upload

Learners can upload a file in response to a question.


Learners enter a numerical answer to a question.

Audio/Video Recording

Learners can record audio or video responses to questions.

Opinion Scale/Likert

Learners choose a response on a scale from strongly agree to disagree strongly.

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Benefits of Our Training and Assessment Management Software

Increased Efficiency

Save time and effort with auto-marking quizzes that provide quick and automatic grading of assessments—no more manual grading of each quiz question.

Enhanced Learner Involvement

Engage learners through interactive and practical online LMS assessments that are easy to understand, reinforcing their knowledge retention.

Diverse Assessment Options

Our quiz question formats offer versatility, ensuring assessments remain engaging and impactful by avoiding repetition.

Streamlined Quiz Creation

With our user-friendly training and assessment management software, you can effortlessly create quizzes tailored to your specific needs, maximising efficiency and effectiveness.


Empower your learners with eSkilled's feature-rich training assessment and management software! Discover the perfect pricing plan that fits your organisation's needs.

Incredible e-Assessment Builder (OLA)

Experience the exceptional e-Assessment builder (OLA) within eSkilled's LMS evaluation and assessment tool. Packed with features, our training and assessment management software streamlines assessment creation, compliance, and authentication, eliminating the need for assessors to be physically present.

Flexible assessment creation

Quickly build workplace skills-based assessments, third-party reports, task-based assessments, assignments, case studies, projects, workplace forms, short answers, and essay-type questions.

Digital signatures with timestamps

Collect digital signatures from learners, assessors, and third parties, eliminating the need for paper-based documents.

Seamless skills performance streaming

Learners can video stream their skills performance directly from any device’s webcam, eliminating the need for the physical presence of assessors.

Automated grading and marking guides

Streamline LMS assessment marking with embedded marking guides and automatic grading for observation forms.

Digital observation forms

Assessors can complete observation forms from any device while observing learners in the real world or reviewing their submitted videos.


Reduced marking time for assessors

Simplify and expedite marking processes with embedded marking guides, eliminating the need for separate assessor guides and result forms.

Webcam authentication

Meet education and training standards efficiently and ensure assessment authenticity by capturing intermittent webcam photos of learners completing their tasks.

Export options

Our LMS evaluation software can help you convert assessments to PDF or Word format with a single click, complete with a table of contents for easy document navigation.

Streamlined student assessment completion

Remove barriers to completion with online assessments accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Benefits of an e-Assessment Builder

Enhanced Efficiency

The e-Assessment builder eliminates the challenges associated with document-based assessments, reducing costs, and saving time for you and your learners.

Improved Accessibility

Learners with varying digital literacy levels can access and complete assessments quickly with our assessment software, overcoming barriers to education.

Simplified Compliance

Enjoy these built-in LMS assessment features:

  • Validity: Digital signatures
  • Sufficiency: Tracking completion time
  • Authenticity: Using image capture technology to capture webcam photos of learners who are completing their assessments
  • Currency: Observation forms and digital signatures are automatically date and time-stamped

Streamlined Workflow

The e-Assessment builder on the LMS evaluation and assessment tool simplifies the assessment completion process, reducing manual verification, eliminating paperwork, and providing assessors with integrated tools for marking and feedback.

Soar Above the Competition with eSkilled's Revolutionary LMS Evaluation and Assessment Software!

With eSkilled’s training and assessment management software, you can unlock the full potential of assessments and evaluations. Whether it's interactive auto-marking quizzes or the incredible e-Assessment builder, our LMS assessment tool contains comprehensive features and a user-friendly interface that empower instructors and engage learners like never before.
Streamline your assessment process, improve efficiency, and achieve compliance effortlessly.
Experience the power of eSkilled’s training and assessment management software today and revolutionise how you assess and evaluate learning outcomes.

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Empower your learners with eSkilled’s feature-rich training and assessment management software!

Discover the perfect pricing plan that fits your organisation's needs.