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Unleash Your Creativity and Streamline Course Management

LMS Course Creation and Management

eSkilled’s Learning Management System (LMS) empowers you to create, manage, and deliver exceptional e-Learning courses. Our comprehensive suite of LMS course creation and course management features in our learning management platform will provide you with the tools needed to build engaging content, tailor training materials to your specific needs, and facilitate practical learning experiences.

LMS Course Creation and Management Redefined

Features & Benefits

Rapid e-Learning Authoring Tools (H5P)

Make learning more effective by creating interactive videos, virtual tours, engaging presentations, quizzes, games, and more with little technical expertise.

Interactive Videos

Allows users to create interactive videos that engage viewers and enable them to interact with the content by answering questions, making choices, and exploring additional resources.

Immersive Virtual Tours

Enables users to create immersive virtual tours that allow learners to explore and discover a 360-degree view of a real location, such as a workplace, city, or landscape.

Compelling Course Presentations

Enables users to create interactive and engaging presentations with multimedia, quizzes, and interactive content to enhance learning.

Dynamic Drag and Drops

Enables users to create dynamic drag and drop exercises that allow learners to match items or categories, sort lists, or complete complex diagrams.


Engaging Memory Games

Enables users to create engaging memory games that test learners’ memory retention by asking them to match pairs of related content.

Responsive Image Hotspots

Enables users to create responsive images with hotspots that allow learners to explore and discover additional information or resources.

Fun Fill in the Blanks

Enables users to create fun fill-in-the-blank exercises that allow learners to test their knowledge and reinforce their understanding of the content.

Effective Quizzes

Enables users to create effective quizzes with various question types, such as multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank, to assess learners’ knowledge and comprehension.


Immersive Timelines

Enables users to create immersive timelines that allow learners to explore and discover historical events, milestones, or processes.

Interactive Books

Enables users to create interactive books that allow learners to engage with multimedia content, such as videos, images, and audio.

Engaging Branching Scenarios

Enables users to create engaging scenarios that allow learners to make choices and see the consequences of their decisions, helping them to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Challenging Arithmetic Quizzes

Enables users to create challenging arithmetic quizzes that test learners’ mathematical skills and provide instant feedback.


Stimulating Accordions

Enables users to create stimulating accordions that allow learners to explore and discover information in a visually appealing way.

Informative Dialogue Cards

Allows users to create informative dialogue cards that enable learners to engage in a conversation, learn new vocabulary, and practice their language skills.

Fun Flashcards

Allows users to create fun flashcards that enable learners to study and practice key concepts, definitions, and terminology.

Insightful Personality Quizzes

Allows users to create insightful personality quizzes that assess learners’ personality traits and provide insights into their preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.


Build Your Courses (H5P)

Help your learners retain information better by building tailored content, quizzes, assessments, and multimedia with eSkilled’s learning management solution for course creation.

Extensive activity option

Choose from various activities such as assignments, quizzes, forums, glossaries, wikis, workshops, chats, and polls/surveys to engage learners and promote collaboration.

Efficient resource management

Utilise text pages, file uploads, URLs, labels, books, question banks, and LTI integration to create structured and comprehensive learning resources.

Empower your learners with eSkilled’s feature-rich learning management solution for course creation!

Discover the perfect pricing plan that fits your organisation's needs.

Our LMS is SCORM-compliant!

Seamlessly deliver and manage SCORM-based courses with eSkilled LMS.


Easily import, export, and play any SCORM-compliant e-Learning courses and content within eSkilled LMS’ course management tool.

Interactivity and gamification

Overcome SCORM limitations with our interactive features, boosting learner engagement and motivation.


Exchange data with other SCORM-compliant systems, facilitating seamless integration and cross-platform learner progress tracking with our LMS course management tool.

Content development efficiency

Reuse SCORM-compliant content across multiple LMS platforms, reducing content development costs and increasing efficiency.

Enhanced tracking and reporting

Effectively track learner progress and completion with our LMS course management tool, ensuring comprehensive assessment and reporting capabilities.


Interactive Virtual Classroom

Empower learners and instructors to connect virtually at any time with these features.

Video Conferencing

Provides high-quality video conferencing capabilities, allowing instructors and learners to see and hear each other in real time.

Screen Sharing

Allows instructors to share their screens, enabling them to demonstrate software, applications, or presentations to the class.


Provides a collaborative whiteboard that allows instructors and learners to draw, write, and annotate content in real time.

Breakout Rooms

Allows instructors to create breakout rooms, enabling learners to collaborate and work in small groups during virtual classroom sessions.


Allows instructors to record their virtual classroom sessions, enabling learners to review the content at their own pace.



Allows instructors to conduct real-time polls and surveys to gauge learner understanding and engagement.


Provides a text chat feature that allows instructors and learners to communicate with each other during virtual classroom sessions.

Raise Hand

Has a “raise hand” feature that allows participants to signal to the instructor that they have a question or comment.

Attendance Tracking

Allows instructors to track attendance during virtual classroom sessions, ensuring learners participate and engage in the experience.


Provides moderation capabilities, allowing instructors to control who can speak and share content during virtual classroom sessions, maintaining order and focus.


Achieve New Heights with eSkilled's Game-Changing LMS Course Creation and Management Tools!

Discover the limitless possibilities of LMS course creation and LMS course management with eSkilled. Whether you're an educator, trainer, or instructional designer, our feature-rich learning management platform empowers you to create engaging content, customise courses, integrate SCORM, and deliver interactive virtual classes.
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Empower your learners with eSkilled’s feature-rich learning management system!

Discover the perfect pricing plan that fits your organisation's needs.