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FWP Forest and Wood Products Training Package Updates RTOs Should Not Miss

28 September 2023 Update – ASQA Extends Transition Period for FWP20121 and FWP30121 Qualifications

On 28 September 2023, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) made a significant move, extending the transition period for two pivotal qualifications: FWP20121 Certificate II in Forest Operations and FWP30121 Certificate III in Forest Operations.

ASQA’s move highlights its ability to grant extensions beyond the original parameters outlined in the 2015 Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Commencing on 23 January 2024, the transition period for training, assessment, and certification issuance related to the FWP20121 and FWP30121 qualifications will now stretch until 31 January 2025. This extension applies to both new enrolments and existing students. All students pursuing these qualifications must either complete them or transition to equivalent replacement qualifications before the newly designated end of the transition period.

The extension of the transition period directly reflects ASQA’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that learners do not face any disadvantages during the transition from older qualifications to new ones. ASQA’s approach is firmly rooted in the Guidance for Providers – Learner Transition, a comprehensive document outlining the criteria for considering applications for an extended transition period.

What Happens to the FWP Qualifications with Extended Transition Period?

The qualifications with an extended transition period will remain within the scope of registration for RTOs until the extended transition period reaches its conclusion. This signifies that RTOs will be able to continue offering and providing training and assessment for FWP20121 and FWP30121 certificates during this extended duration.

Before arriving at this pivotal decision, ASQA engaged in meaningful consultations with key authorities, including the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority and the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia. This collaborative approach ensures that the interests and needs of learners across different states are thoroughly considered, reflecting a commitment to national consistency and fairness.

The extension of this transition period underscores ASQA’s dedication to providing flexibility and unwavering support to both learners and training providers alike and facilitating a seamless transition to updated qualifications, primarily minimising disruptions while ensuring that essential skills remain readily available within the forest operations sector.

Maximising RTO Benefits from New FWP Training Package Updates

To make the most of the latest FWP training package update, follow these steps:

  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date on new entry requirements and unit equivalencies.
  • Create a Transition Plan: Develop a clear, thorough transition plan to switch to updated qualifications seamlessly.
  • Wait for Registration: Don’t promote new courses until your registration scope is officially confirmed.
  • Verify Trainer Qualifications: Ensure your trainers can effectively teach the updated content.
  • Access Resources: Secure access to the latest FWP Training Package resources for practical training and assessment.

Take proactive steps to navigate the latest FWP Training Package updates and secure essential resources for success before the extended transition period ends and the affected qualifications are no longer within your scope.

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