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5 LMS Features When Choosing the Best LMS (Learning Management System) for You?

5 LMS Features to Consider When Choosing the best LMS Australia has to offer

Looking for the perfect learning management system that will address all your RTO needs? As you know, the world of an RTO is full of compliance requirements, reporting, audits, and training delivery regulations that require a keen eye and careful planning. All this can be done manually, but it takes up so much valuable time and money.

This is why having a reliable, affordable learning management system will help enhance training delivery and make your compliance easier.

But, how do you know which learning management system is the best for your RTO? Here are some of the 5 most important LMS Features that you should consider:

  • Powerful LMS Reporting

The best LMS in Australia is one that can generate extensive and compliant reports as quickly and easily as possible. Your LMS should also help you gather a detailed overview of your students’ progress in their enrolled programs. With this, your trainers will know where the learners are excelling and where they still need extra assistance.


  • Virtual Classroom Capabilities

Nowadays, online learning is becoming more and more popular. This is why a robust virtual classroom is an essential feature of a learning management system. Through these virtual classrooms, online learning becomes more personal, fun, and engaging. Despite not meeting face-to-face, students and trainers can still interact with each other in real-time through live training and engage during activities.

  • e-Learning Authoring Tools

Having powerful e-Learning authoring tools will help you easily create high-quality and engaging e-Learning tasks straight in your LMS. Activities like interactive quizzes and presentations, eBooks, drag and drop activities, and spoken word assessments will help you deliver an engaging learning experience to your students.


  • e-Assessment Builder

When deciding which solution is the best LMS for your RTO, consider whether it has a built-in e-Assessment Builder. This is a feature that will help you simplify your organisation’s everyday activities. With e-Assessment Builder functionality, you can get rid of paper-based assessments. It allows you to convert them to online assessments so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

  • Seamless Integration to Your Business Systems

Having an ecosystem that integrates is crucial. Take inventory of the other systems your organisation uses that are critical to your business and identify whether the LMS you are considering can integrate with those various applications. This might include apps such as your payment provider and accounting system.



Why is it important to have robust LMS?

With a feature-rich LMS, you can do more with less. Easily streamline training delivery and assessments, automate compliance reports, and ensure your RTO is running efficiently with the help of a quality learning management system.

Here’s what your RTO can do with a robust LMS:

  • Stay on top of everything

Not all learning management systems are equal. Evaluate whether the solution natively incorporates functionality like document management, student management, and trainer management, to help you stay on top of things at every phase of the learning journey.

  • Enhance your operations and training

A feature rich LMS will help you easily create training resources and materials for incorporation in your courses. Using eSkilled’s LMS, your team can create PowerPoint presentations, videos, interactive quizzes and activities, and a lot more! These resources will help you to deliver more engaging training to your learners.


  • Save valuable time

Consider whether the system covers ASQA’s student journey and the end-to-end training process of your organisation. An LMS with built in e-Learning means you can deliver training straight away and saves you hours upon hours on course building.

Other time-saving tools eSkilled has to offer include automated emails to students and reporting tools built into the LMS. Everything you need can be done with just a few clicks.

  • Streamline your training delivery and student management

It covers all you need in one place, making your everyday operations convenient, effective, and efficient.

With a robust LMS, you can deliver training and provide assessments all in one place. Use the virtual classrooms and built-in e-Learning courses to provide training and use the e-Assessment builders and other assessment tools in the LMS to provide competency judgements.

A streamlined training delivery makes it easier to provide compliance evidence as everything you need is all in a centralised system.

  • Fully integrate your RTO software

Get the unmatched convenience of having all your applications and software synchronised. A truly robust LMS can seamlessly link your LMS, SMS, accounting software, and other RTO management tools your organisation uses without additional work.

When evaluating the best LMS for your RTO, have a look at one of Australia’s most intuitive solutions; eSkilled. It is the only platform with learning management, student management, and course content all in one system.

Interested in learning more? Our eSkilled LMS team will give you a personalised walkthrough and discuss how it our solution might fit your organisation and enhance your training delivery. Get in touch to chat or book a demo below.

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