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eskilled lms OLA webinar

Video: Mastering Online Assessment Activity (OLA)

In this webinar recording, you will discover how eSkilled’s Online Assessment Activity can improve the way you conduct online assessments and how you assess skills online. Participants will learn how to create various types of assessments, such as short answer questions, assignments, workplace forms, third party and observation reports. This webinar recording is excellent to gain a better understanding on eSkilled’s cutting-edge RTO Learning Management System and receive guidance from the experts at eSkilled.

This webinar is intended for Course Designers, Trainers and Assessors or any other staff who will be creating online assessments.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • How do students Authenticate their Assessment in OLA? (56)
  • How do students view and complete their Assessment Forms and Assessment Activities, Observation Form, Supervisor Declaration, Third Party Observation Form, Supervisor Declaration Form, Workplace Assessment)? (28)
  • What is the Trainers and Assessors view of their students’ Assessment Activities and forms? (11:05)
  • How to create an online Assessment Activity?
  • How to edit and create other online Assessment Forms and tasks? (31:51)
  • How to see Maximum Activity Grading? (41:44)
  • Q&A (44:43)