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Revolutionize the Way You Do Assessments

Introducing the eSkilled LMS Online Assessment Activity!

Do you want to completely eliminate paper-based assessments? Save hours on tedious assessment tasks? Streamline your whole assessment process while staying compliant? You can have all of that and more with the eSkilled LMS Online Assessment Activity (OLA)!


An incredible online-form based assessment activity, the eSkilled OLA feature lets you capture evidence of skill-based performance quickly, remove barriers in assessments, and best of all keep compliant by enduring Valid and Authentic assessment evidence.

Take Online Assessments to the Next Level

When you choose eSkilled LMS, you’re choosing quality, convenience, and compliance with OLA features such as:


  • 100% Online Assessment Tasks
  • Go completely digital—paperless!
  • Automatically capture assessment evidence
  • Collects digital signatures for authenticity
  • Streamlines assessment completion & assessment marking
  • Automatically updates unit outcome as assessors complete marking
  • Webcam Capture Tool for critical compliance with standards for RTOs
  • Accessible on any device (desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones)


Stop wasting time and resources with old assessment processes when you can make life easier with eSkilled LMS!

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