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Access to Skills and Training Increases for Tasmanians through Fee-Free TAFE Program

Albanese government's fee-free TAFE program gains traction in tasmania

The Albanese Government’s Fee-Free TAFE program is proving successful in Tasmania, with almost half of the 2023 places taken up. Since January, over 2,200 students have enrolled in the 3,800 available Fee-Free TAFE training places. The initiative aims to address future workforce demand and skills shortages following programs in various courses targeting critical skills shortages.

The demand for Fee-Free TAFE in Tasmania has been the highest in courses such as:

  • Aged and Disability Care
  • Technology
  • Early Childhood Education and Care

With over 280 students enroled in Certificate III in the Individual Support program alone.

Fee-Free TAFE is securing a future Tasmanian workforce in areas of need, keeping money in students’ pockets, and making studying more accessible across the state. In retrospect, students under the Fee-Free TAFE can save the following:

The Albanese Government has invested $23 million in the program, which will provide critical skills and includes 1,000 Fee-Free places in the care sector, including:

  • 850 in Aged Care
  • 450 in Hospitality and Tourism
  • 350 in Agriculture
  • 250 in Technology and Digital
  • 200 in Construction
  • 150 in Sovereign Capability
  • Around 1,400 in other priority sectors, including foundation skills

In addition to the Fee-Free TAFE program, the Albanese Government is investing millions more in Tasmania with a share of a $50 million national TAFE Technology Fund to upgrade and expand facilities, such as laboratories, workshops, and IT services.

TAFE Technology Fund projects in Tasmania agreed upon, and payments authorised:

  • The Sorell Trade Training Centre and Jobs Hub, with a $1.5 million Australian Government contribution, will help build the local workforce through reskilling and up-skilling workers for secure, well-paid jobs.
  • Upgrading the spray booth at the Devonport campus of TasTAFE, with a $1 million Australian Government contribution, will create a “fit for purpose” spray painting facility.

These initiatives are part of the Albanese Government’s commitment to skilling Australians for well-paid jobs for today and the future. Both projects are expected to be completed in 2024 and will deliver on this commitment.

Fee-Free TAFE and the Sorell Trade Training Centre: Addressing Skills Shortages and Boosting Employment in Tasmania

Brendan O’Connor, the Minister for Skills and Training, recently spoke about the significance of Fee-Free TAFE in addressing the skills shortages in Tasmania. According to the Minister, the skills shortages are particularly prevalent in the education, hospitality, and care sectors. By providing free access to high-quality training, Fee-Free TAFE aims to equip Tasmanians with the skills they need to enter or re-enter the workforce and meet the growing demand for skilled workers.

The government has already made available 180,000 Fee-Free TAFE places across the country. Further, its 2023 budget will invest an additional $400 million to support another 300,000 TAFE and vocational education and training (VET) Fee-Free places. This significant investment will give Tasmanians more opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in their desired field without worrying about the financial burden of course fees.

In addition to Fee-Free TAFE, the government has also established the Sorell Trade Training Centre and Jobs Hub. The training centre aims to increase access to training and associated services, leading to job opportunities for Tasmanians. The centre will offer courses in construction, hospitality, and aged care, providing training in high-demand fields to meet the needs of the local workforce.

The Sorell Trade Training Centre and Jobs Hub is a collaborative effort between the government, local businesses, and the community. The centre will provide a space for employers to connect with job seekers, allowing them to offer work experience, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities. This will benefit job seekers and local businesses looking to fill skills gaps in their workforce.

Establishing the Sorell Trade Training Centre and Jobs Hub and investing in Fee-Free TAFE demonstrate the government’s commitment to addressing the skills shortages in Tasmania and boosting employment opportunities for Tasmanians. By providing access to high-quality training and creating pathways to employment, the government is helping to build a skilled and capable workforce that can contribute to the growth and prosperity of Tasmania’s economy.

Tasmanian Government Invests in Skills, Training and Workforce for a Stronger Economy

The Tasmanian Minister for Skills, Training and Workforce Growth, Felix Ellis, recently announced a partnership with the Federal Government to provide more training to Tasmanians. The partnership aims to boost the skills of those who build homes, provide food, and care for loved ones in Tasmania. Minister Ellis believes this collaboration will help strengthen Tasmania’s economy and provide job opportunities for its residents.

Minister Ellis said Tasmania has already seen over 2,200 enrolments in fee-free training for Tasmanians looking to take advantage of the state’s nation-leading economy. This is a significant investment in the state’s workforce, providing individuals with the skills they need to take on new and exciting industry roles. The government’s goal is to ensure every Tasmanian has access to quality training and job opportunities, regardless of location or background.

To further this mission, the Tasmanian Government has pledged $1.5 million towards the Sorell Trade Training Centre and Jobs Hub. With the Australian Government’s funding, this project will receive a total of $3 million, allowing it to offer even more training and job opportunities to Tasmanians. This investment will help establish a training centre and jobs hub in Sorell, providing training in various industries, including hospitality, construction, and aged care.

The Sorell Trade Training Centre and Jobs Hub is an exciting development for the Tasmanian economy. It will provide the skills and qualifications for individuals to take on jobs in high-demand industries. This initiative will create new job opportunities for Tasmanians and provide them with the training they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

The Tasmanian Government’s investment in training and jobs is a testament to its commitment to a strong and prosperous economy. Minister Ellis believes that this partnership with the Federal Government will help to build a skilled and capable workforce that can meet the needs of Tasmania’s growing industries. With the proper training and support, Tasmanians can take advantage of the many opportunities available and build successful careers in their chosen fields.

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