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$3.5-M Investment in TAFE Engineering and Trade Workshop Creates Promising Job Prospects for Mount Isa Community

$3.5M TAFE Campus Budget on Engineering & Trade Workshop for Mount Isa Jobs

In an exciting development for the job prospects of Mount Isa residents, a $3.5 million Engineering and Trade Training Modernisation project at the local TAFE Queensland campus is set to create significant opportunities for aspiring engineers and tradespeople.

The massive investment will revitalise the campus, providing state-of-the-art facilities for almost 900 engineering, manufacturing, and technology students annually from 2024 to 2025.

Apprentices Complete 1000 Construction Hours for Modernisation

The refurbished trade workshop at the Mount Isa TAFE campus underwent a substantial transformation, partly made possible by the dedication of apprentices who contributed over 1000 construction hours. This hands-on approach ensured that the new facilities meet current building codes and industry standards, creating a safe and modern learning environment.

Boosting Opportunities for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology Students

The Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Workshop, which opened on 21 June 2023, will cater to various subjects, from civil engineering to technology, empowering students to develop specialised skills and knowledge. The upgraded oxy/arc welding, fabrication, grinding, and machine training areas will support up to 14 students and two staff at a time, fostering an immersive and engaging learning experience.

Investing in Queensland’s Skilled Future Workforce

Investing in the Mount Isa TAFE campus is crucial to addressing the growing demand for skilled engineers and tradespeople across all industries. With over half of the 800-plus students currently enrolled in trade training, the modern workshop is expected to boost enrolments further, potentially reaching up to 950 students annually. This initiative is pivotal in creating the region’s highly skilled future workforce.

Collaboration between State and Federal Governments

The Mount Isa engineering and trade training modernisation forms part of the larger “Revitalising TAFE Campuses Across Australia” initiative, a joint effort between the Australian and Queensland governments.

Brendan O’Connor, Federal Minister for Skills and Training, underscored that the Albanese government’s commitment to upgrading and expanding facilities like this workshop will lead to more jobs for Queenslanders amid a skills shortage.

“This facility upgrade will increase access to training and provide state-of-the-art facilities, leading to jobs for Queenslanders amid a skills shortage,” O’Connor said. “By working collaboratively with each state and territory, the Australian Government is working to build a skilled economy for the future.”

The Impact on Queensland’s Workforce Strategy

Minister for Training and Skills Development Di Farmer highlighted how the project aligns with Queensland’s Workforce Strategy 2022-2032, designed to create a skilled workforce ready to seize today’s job opportunities and embrace future possibilities.

With an anticipated employment surge of over 28,800 people in Northwest Queensland by 2024-25, this innovative TAFE workshop will ensure students are skills-equipped to contribute to the region’s booming mining industry.

“Our efforts will ensure our students will be job-ready, with this modernised workshop delivering state-of-the-art facilities, matched with high-quality training from TAFE Queensland,” Di Farmer said.


The $3.5 million Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Training Modernisation project stands as a beacon of hope for the future job prospects of Mount Isa residents.

By offering cutting-edge facilities and high-quality training, this initiative will undoubtedly attract more students and provide them with the skills required for success in various industries.

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