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Skills Insight JSC

Skills Insight JSC: Enhancing Australia’s VET System for Future Success

With a primary focus on agribusiness and related industries, Skills Insight JSC will actively collaborate with industry stakeholders and various sectors within the skills system to drive advancements in skills training. The aim is to ensure that vocational education aligns with the evolving needs of industries crucial to Australia’s society, ecosystems, and economic prosperity.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of Skills Impact, CEO Michael Hartman extended appreciation to the stakeholders who have actively contributed to the organisation’s journey as Skills Impact and supported its transformation into Skills Insight JSC. Hartman recognised the privilege of working with industries vital to the nation and eagerly anticipated the organisation’s new role as a JSC. He also welcomed the inclusion of the furnishing, textiles, clothing, and footwear industries, broadening the JSC’s scope.

In its expanded role as a JSC, Skills Insight will adopt a holistic approach to address skills-related issues and explore innovative solutions that enhance outcomes for the industry, learners, trainers, and employers. Hartman sincerely appreciated the countless volunteers dedicated to improving national qualifications and skills standards over the past six years. He emphasised that the nation reaps the benefits when diverse industries receive adequate support and skill development opportunities.

With the transition to Skills Insight JSC, the organisation’s team eagerly looks forward to engaging in further discussions on skills and training needs. They extend their heartfelt gratitude to all individuals who share their passion and commitment to workforce development and industry involvement in the skills system.

Establishing Skills Insight JSC signifies a significant stride towards strengthening Australia’s VET system, ensuring its responsiveness to the demands of evolving industries. Through close collaboration with industry stakeholders, Skills Insight JSC aims to drive positive skills development and training changes, ultimately benefiting the economy and the workforce.

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