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South Australia’s Reinstated Early Childhood Education and Care Training Courses Boost Enrolment and Skilled Workforce

Childhood Education and Care Training Courses Boost Enrolment and Skilled Workforce

24 April 2023 Update: Reinstated Programs Boost Early Childhood Education Enrolments

The South Australian government’s decision to restore the Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate III and Diploma courses of the CHC Training Package at TAFE has significantly increased enrolments. This is after the decision of the former government to remove the said course from TAFE SA’s metropolitan areas following a shortage of qualified professionals in the early childhood education and care sector.

The reintroduction of these qualifications has led to nearly doubling of enrolments, with 456 students currently enrolled in both courses in Semester 1 of 2023, compared to 276 students in the previous year. The increase in enrolments also ensures the industry has a steady supply of skilled professionals.

To provide more accessibility to these programs, the government has also included them in the Fee-Free TAFE list, enabling more individuals to acquire the necessary education and skills to become qualified professionals. These efforts to build a skilled workforce and provide quality education have been positively received, with the surge in enrolments seen as a testament to the government’s decision to reinstate these programs.

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