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Skilling Regional Australia: NCVER’s Report on Overcoming Barriers to VET Provision

Australia’s regional, rural and remote areas face unique challenges when accessing vocational education and training (VET). The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) studied VET delivery in regional, rural and remote Australia to understand these challenges better and improve VET provision in these areas. The NCVER report identified various barriers that hinder training providers from delivering flexible and diverse training approaches that meet the needs of local communities.

Provider-Based Challenges and Solutions

The NCVER report highlighted several provider-based challenges, including trainer shortages and thin markets. To overcome these challenges, training providers must explore innovative online and blended learning methods. They must also collaborate with other providers to share resources and expertise. The study recommends that policy and training package development enable flexibility across diverse regional locations.

Location-Based Barriers and Solutions

Location-based barriers such as large distances, extreme weather, and lack of housing, infrastructure and services make it difficult for VET providers to deliver training in regional, rural and remote areas. To overcome these barriers, training providers must work with local communities to identify training needs and develop programs responsive to local conditions. The study recommends a better understanding of the actual delivery costs in such locations to ensure adequate funding arrangements.

Student-Based Challenges and Solutions

The study identified several student-based challenges, including literacy and numeracy issues, digital literacy limitations, and cultural differences. To overcome these challenges, training providers must adopt a student-centred approach to training that considers learners’ individual needs and circumstances. The study recommends that partnerships between training providers and other local stakeholders are better facilitated to help ensure communities and local industries get what they need from training.

Coordinated and Holistic Approach

The study found that many of the barriers identified, such as limited housing and job opportunities, do not fall under the responsibility of the VET sector. This highlights the need for a coordinated and holistic approach to regional development that involves collaboration between government agencies, industry bodies, and local communities. Such an approach can help address the broader socio-economic challenges faced by these areas.

What RTOs Can Do to Overcome These Challenges

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) can use the information above to better understand the challenges and barriers in delivering VET in regional, rural and remote Australia. With this understanding, RTOs can take steps to improve the quality of VET provision in these areas.

RTOs can consider the following actions based on the insights provided by the report:

1. Develop flexible training approaches: RTOs can design training programs that are responsive to the needs of learners in regional, rural and remote areas. This could include flexible delivery modes such as blended learning, online learning and workplace training.

2. Collaborate with local stakeholders: RTOs can work with local employers, industry bodies, community groups and government agencies to better understand the skills needs of the local community and develop training programs that meet those needs.

3. Understand the delivery costs: RTOs can conduct a thorough cost analysis to understand the actual costs of training in regional, rural and remote areas. This will help them to ensure that funding arrangements are adequate and that they can provide high-quality training in these areas.

4. Coordinate training demand: RTOs can work with other training providers to coordinate training demand to address issues of thin markets. This could involve sharing resources, collaborating on developing training programs, and ensuring that training is delivered in areas with sufficient demand.

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