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NCVER Report Shows Strong Employment Growth for International VET Graduates in Australia

strong employment growth for international VET graduates in australia

The VET qualifications in Australia are becoming increasingly attractive for international students, given the strong employment outcomes that they provide.

The latest report from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has shown a significant increase in employment outcomes for international Vocational Education and Training (VET) students in Australia. The report revealed that 83.0% of international onshore VET graduates were employed after their training in mid-2022, which is a notable 7.5% increase from the previous year.

The NCVER report also indicated that the percentage of international VET students reporting an improved employment status after training rose 8.9% from 2021, reaching 73%. These figures encourage international students who choose vocational training as a pathway to better employment opportunities in Australia.

NCVER Report Employment Results for International VET Students in Australia

According to the latest report from NCVER, 72.3% of international students pursue VET qualifications in Australia primarily for employment-related reasons — meanwhile, 24.7% say they enrolled for personal reasons and 3% for further studies.

The report also reveals that 76.1% of international VET students who had completed a qualification had a job before starting their training. Among those who completed their training, 18.9% secured higher-skilled employment, while 41.3% took on a better job, an increase of 4.4% and 4.8%, respectively, from 2021.

For unemployed students, the results were even more impressive, with 66.1% finding employment after their training. This represents an increase of 7.4% from 2021 and 21.5% from 2019.

Overall, the report shows that 83.0% of international onshore VET graduates found employment after their training, with 81.3% of them being employed in Australia and 1.6% in other countries. These figures indicate strong growth in employment outcomes for international VET students in Australia.

NCVER Report Shows High Satisfaction with Training Despite Online Challenges

The NCVER report also highlights the satisfaction levels and challenges international onshore qualification completers faced in 2022. The report indicates that satisfaction with training has improved, with 87.2% of students expressing overall satisfaction, up by 1.8% from 2021. Furthermore, 82.9% of students are likely to recommend their training provider, reflecting an increase of 2.0% from 2021.

The majority of international onshore qualification completers (90.8%) learned online, with most reporting high satisfaction with the support received from their teachers/trainers during online learning (85.6%) and with the quality of their online learning experience overall (83.2%).

However, the report also notes that a significant proportion of students (43.3%) encountered challenges while learning online. The most cited challenges were related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of in-person interaction with trainers.

Employment Barriers and Obstacles

While the 2022 report showed significant improvement in the employment outcomes for international VET students in Australia, there is still a need for improvement to ensure they achieve the best results after completing their qualifications.

According to the latest report from NCVER, international VET students in Australia face challenges in finding employment after completing their qualifications. More than half (56.1%) of international students who completed onshore qualifications were job seekers at some point after their training, with 82.3% of them facing obstacles in finding employment. However, this represents a 7.0% decrease from 2021 with the most reported barriers:

  • Fewer job opportunities due to COVID-19 (37.0%, down 14.1% from 2021)
  • Residency or work visa issues (32.7%, down 4.7% from 2021)
  • Insufficient work experience (23.3%, unchanged from 2021)
  • Low salary (17.0%, up 3.2% from 2021)

Despite the employment barriers faced by international VET students, the NCVER report shows a positive trend. The significant increase in employment opportunities for international VET students in 2022 compared to 2021 is a positive sign for the future of international education in Australia. It also emphasises that VET education is an excellent pathway for international students seeking to improve their employment outcomes in the country.

Expanding Opportunities for RTOs to Meet the Growing Demand for VET Education

The latest NCVER report indicates that the employment prospects for international onshore VET graduates have significantly improved. This trend is a positive sign for RTOs as it presents more opportunities to cater to the growing demand for VET qualifications among international students.

To meet the needs of international VET students seeking employment-related training, RTOs can take the following steps:

  • Revise course offerings to ensure they are relevant and up-to-date with industry demands, including partnering with employers to provide work-based learning opportunities and integrating online learning platforms to increase accessibility.
  • Focus on improving student support services, such as career counselling and job placement assistance, to help international VET students achieve their employment goals after completing their qualifications.
  • Leverage the positive outcomes highlighted in the NCVER report to market their training services to international students, emphasising the high employment rates and improved career outcomes associated with studying VET qualifications in Australia.

As the demand for VET education continues to grow in Australia, RTOs can play a crucial role in providing high-quality training that meets the needs of international students. By expanding their delivery and improving student support services, RTOs can help prepare international VET students for successful careers in Australia and beyond.

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