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Revolutionising South Australia’s Workforce: Funding Surge for Skills and Training Sector to Tackle Workforce Shortages

Revolutionizing South Australia's Workforce: Funding Surge for Skills and Training Sector to Tackle Workforce Shortages

The South Australian Budget for 2023/24 demonstrates a solid commitment to addressing skills shortages and promoting economic growth through increased funding for the training sector. Treasurer Stephen Mulligan highlights the importance of investing in the skills and training sector for the state’s development.

Key budget measures include a $28 million increase in targeted training subsidies for not-for-profit and industry-based providers to improve training quality. To enhance access in regional areas, $10.2 million will establish a Regional Skills Development Fund, expanding course offerings. An additional $12.2 million will be allocated to TAFE SA to adjust revenue targets, ensuring affordability and accessibility in vocational education.

The budget includes a $9 million skills fund to modernise facilities and provide sector-specific equipment, aligning education with industry needs. The Boost program received $4.2 million to support mature-age apprentices in trades facing skill shortages. Tauondi College, an Aboriginal-controlled provider, will receive $5.6 million in funding for training opportunities.

To attract talent to the building and construction industry, the Master Builders Born to Build program will receive $225,000, promoting career pathways through football. Pending negotiations, provisions for a new five-year National Skills Agreement are included, strengthening the national approach to addressing workforce needs.

The South Australian Budget builds upon ongoing efforts, such as establishing technical colleges, increasing funding for TAFE SA, and restoring courses in early childhood education and aged care. With this boost, South Australia aims to meet workforce demands, equip individuals with skills for the future, and address regional disparities. The commitment to collaboration and innovation in the skills and training sector and the focus on inclusivity and Aboriginal-controlled training ensures a strong foundation for success.

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