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safeguarding Australia's education system from bogus VET qualifications

Bogus VET Qualifications Threaten Australia’s Education System

In recent intelligence gathering, investigations, and monitoring efforts, alarming fraudulent or bogus VET qualification documents have come to light. This fraudulent practice of fabricating qualifications not only deceives potential employers but also undermines the integrity of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. To combat this growing problem, decisive action will be taken against those issuing or using bogus VET qualifications. Under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011, such activities are considered offences and can lead to severe civil and criminal penalties.

For employers, especially those in roles where qualifications or credentials are crucial, it is essential to verify the authenticity of qualifications before accepting them at face value. Our website provides comprehensive information detailing the necessary components of legitimate qualifications and statements of attainment. Employers are strongly encouraged to check the certificates provided by candidates for authenticity. This can be done by contacting the issuing provider directly or accessing the candidate’s Unique Student Identifier (USI) transcript. For further guidance, please refer to the Transcript FAQs for Employers section on the Unique Student Identifier ( website.

Furthermore, education and training providers should also exercise caution when assessing statements of attainment or qualifications presented by students seeking credit for studies completed at another Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or any authorised issuing organisation. Vigilance in ensuring the legitimacy of these documents is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the education system.

If you come across any information regarding bogus VET qualifications, you must report them promptly. While the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) cannot privately rule on the legitimacy of a certificate or statement of attainment, they actively encourage individuals with relevant information to submit reports via their stakeholder portal, asqaconnect.

The prevalence of bogus VET qualifications poses a significant threat to Australia’s education system. To preserve the value and credibility of the qualifications offered, it is imperative for all stakeholders, including employers, education providers, and individuals, to actively combat this issue. By remaining vigilant and taking appropriate measures to verify the authenticity of qualifications, we can protect the integrity of the VET system and ensure that genuine skills and knowledge are valued and recognised. Together, we can safeguard the future of vocational education in Australia.

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